TAD-IID Leadership seminar talk: Dongwhan Kim on Robot Journalism

On September 9, Dongwhan Kim, Lead Researcher at hci+d lab in Seoul National University, delivered “The New Digital Age” at DFK Wednesday lecture series @ Design Factory Korea.

This lectures covered how the latest updates on journalism research from at hci+d lab. In this new digital era, smartphones and social media are changing how we acquire and consume news. While traditional news organisations are backed by ever-increasing computational power are growing fast. More news services adopted various algorithms in order to provide better reading experience, and it leads to the birth of algorithm-driven news engine which is capable of generating news stories without an intervention of a human journalist. Robot journalism is born. This leaker included stories and techniques involved in how robot journalism operates and what good does it do to all of us in the name of journalism.

Here is the link to several news articles (in Korean) about research on Robot Journalism.


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