COURSES- INTERACTION DESIGN - Common design and community

Common design and community

Hyunsoo Kim
sencond-year student

This course is for researching and studying about community design and urban architecture design in a human-social point of view. Therefore, observing and researching skills are required for students in various perspectives- historical, social and cultural points- rather than an architectural design techniques. To make this course more effective, students will choose a common site in Incheon and do collective work as a foundation of individual design work. Furthermore, a field trip to the site and a special lecture by an invited professional designer/architect would help students to learn a design process in practical ways.


Incheon habour city and around area as a test case, we explore commons spaces for generating community. There are 10 small projects in 4grpups from Incheon Station to Sinpo traditional market, and many of intermediate spaces in the neighbourhoods. All the small interventions we deigned are working as common network revitalize deaden spaces and excavate potential sites for regenerating a town. And the common space will perform a role of a social condenser to bridge local peoples with tourists.