Idea visualization

Soojin Jun, Hyunyoung Kim, Hyunsoo Kim
first-year student

You cannot communicate your idea until you visualize it. The goal of Idea Visualization course is to explore diverse means of visualizing one's idea in the most effecitive way.

PROJECT 01 - Hello my name is

Design a name card for yourself. Answering the questions such as, "what are my three strengths?", "what kind of work do I want to do in the future?", students are able to explore and visualise their identity in the form of a name card.

PROJECT 02 - Mr blue

Design the cover of a new magazine devoted solely to things that are associated with the idea of blue. Consider the magazine name, the audience, suggestions for art direction and what kind of articles the editor should include.

PROJECT 03 - More is less

Redesign a familiar product so that it has less (and more sustainable) use and packaging.

PROJECT 04 - Easy as ABC

The goal of this exercise is to design a typeface that will be composed from elements in the world around you. Assemble either your 26 character alphabet or 14 Korean character, using only found objects or environments.

PROJECT 05 - History replay: past, present and future of Incheon

How can you change your surrounding with a small intervention? The goal of this project is to understand your surrounding and study culture through the design process. There are the fifteen ideas that explore the various sites in Incheon by illuminating the existing conditions, revitalizing the neighbourhood, or exploiting the potentialities for the city of Incheon.

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PROJECT 06 - Design for social interaction at Yonsei International campus