COURSES- Visual system

Visual system INTRODUCTION

Hyo Shin Park
third-year student

As visual system is one of the most effective design methodologies used in communication design, this course aims to develop student´s design thinking and methods in an objective, logical and economical manner. Visual System takes 'Maximum diversity from minimum inventory' as its motto to pursue economical design. The goal of this course is also to develop and apply the most logical and effective design processes.

PROJECT 01- Calendar Design

The first project is 'Calendar Design'. In this project students will design 13 sheets, including a cover. Every sheet must utilize students' personal visual system kit, and show an organic relationship between each sheet. The final result should be aesthetically beautiful and functionally systematic.

PROJECT 02 - Brand Identity Design

The second project is 'Brand Design' In this course, students will choose a brand and design a basic and applications.