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COURSES- Leadership Seminar in Techno-Art Entrepreneurship

Leadership Seminar in Techno-Art Entrepreneurship

guest speaker
second-year student

Course overview

Leadership Seminars in Techno Art Entrepreneurship (LSTAE) is a weekly speaker series that brings innovation leaders from business, management, technology, entertainment, and design, to share their insights with aspiring entrepreneurs from diverse expertise.

Through lectures and conversations with them, student will identify their strengths goals and learn how to deploy appropriate roles and skills strategically to generate creative outcomes.

Course objective

- To expose students at Techno-Art to cutting-edge ideas and pragmatic advice from entrepreneurial leaders from the industry and academia

- To provide a networking form for those interested in new ventures by putting a diverse array of talented, entrepreneurial people in the same place at the same time

Course structure

course structure
1 9/4 Introduction    
2 9/11 Khee, Yong Sam Cisco Smart city
3 9/25 Lee, Jae Yong pxd User experience design for entrepreneur
4 10/2 Cho, Dong Won StoryMarketing Ad Story marketing/Advertisement
5 10/16 Lee, Sang kyu Neo.Lab Converence Digital/smart device
6 10/30 Lee, Kang Bok Next World Entertainment Entertainment
7 11/6 Kang, Shin Bong Disney Korea Disney contents strategy
8 11/13 Kim, Hyun Design Park Identity design
9 11/20 Chung, Se Hyuk Fashion marketing Ralph Lauren
10 11/27 Choi, Sae Hoon Daum Communication Mobile contents design
11 12/4 Lee, Joonhwan Seoul National University Human-computer interaction
12 12/11 Cho, Shin Yonsei University The value chain of ICT industry: current status and the change in the competitive landscape