COURSES- Industrial Design Basics

Industrial Design Basics INTRODUCTION

second-year student

The goal of this course is learning the basic process of product design such as background research, idea sketch, CAD modelling (Rhino 3D) and prototype making. Each student will design and build an IoT product prototype as a final result of this course. In addition to the basic product design process training, this course will also be a chance to think about the utilitarian, aesthetic, semantic and sustainable aspects of product design.


There are lecture topics for each week (Please check the weekly plan table) and students need to do their assignments regarding the topics such as Idea Sketch, Prototype Making and 3D Modelling. The results of the assignments will be reviewed together or individually during the next class. Accordingly in this course, students are supposed to make persistent efforts and spend certain amounts of time every week for their assignments. The lecture topics are arranged to reflect actual product design process and each student will design a product as a result of this course. The final prototype will be displayed during the coursework exhibition.